Arthi Arumugam

Visual Artist. Creator.

Arthi Arumugam (Born in 1995, Richardson, Texas) is a self-taught artist blessed by God with the innate ability to replicate with paint and brush the experiences of life. Arthi has been drawing since childhood. Her focus is on pencil, color pencil and pastel. But she works with other mediums as well including charcoal, oil and acrylic painting. She is continuously informed about the new trends in contemporary art and everything around her is an inspiration to her work. Her designs are inspired by her imagination and the passion She derive from even from the smallest and insignificant things in life. Her Award-winning pencil artwork exhibited in National society of Artist Show And her Magical Eye mixed media Art was Exhibited in Art Center of Corpus Christ. She got Multiple Special Merit from Light Spacetime and she got fifth place in Contemporary online gallery for magical eye drawing done with pastel. She wanted to challenge herself to express her own artwork to an audience. As an artist, her purpose is to share, convey, & recreate the love & passion she feels, regardless of the subject matter she is working with. Through the creation of art, one is able to explore one’s passion, perhaps creating inspiration & the drive within others to strive for their own goals

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